Festive Season Road Prayer And Cleansing

The Hon Mayor Kesenkamang Kekesi hosted a prayer ceremony for our roads during the festive season. The ceremony was held on the 04th December 2014. The Mayor was accompanied by the Speaker, Hon Sedirilwe Namusi, Municipal Council, officials, Pastors and different government departments. The prayer women from different churches also graced the occasion in their different church regalia. The community of Kagisano-Molopo has experienced its fair share of road accidents and many families have been left bereaved and distraught as a result of these accidents. In her address, the Mayor advised the community to be alert and be safe on the roads. She also said that road users must be cooperative on the road especially taxi drivers and must avoid drinking and driving.


The prayers were held at the following venues and time:


The Municipality                                 7:30 am 
Morokweng Taxi Rank                          9:00 am
Tlakgameng Post Office 4way Stop     11:30 am 
Louwna Side Road                              13:30 pm
Ganyesa Shopping Complex                15:00 pm


While at Tlakgameng, the procession went to the scene of the recent accident that took place at Kudunkgwane where three teenagers were hit by a stray car. Two were killed and the third one was left badly injured. In that apparent fatal incident, the driver of the car lost control of the car and ended up crashing against an electric pole hitting the teenagers. Pastors prayed at the accident spot and cleansed the road with holy water.


The Hon Mayor gave words of consolation to the bereaved families and pledged that the families will receive the necessary assistance from the Municipality. She also spoke sternly as she gave the community her word that the backlog of unconstructed roads will have to be attended to as a matter of urgency. Councillors where reminded of their responsibilities to the community and they must prioritise the needs of the communities. She also added that the roads also contribute to the accidents and fatalities.


As we enter the festive season the community is encouraged to take caution on the roads and adhere to the rules of the road. Let us not drink and drive and especially not text and drive.